The Eco River – Full Kit Package

The Eco River – Full Kit Package


Take in nature while gliding through water  |  12"0'

This full kit includes:

  • 'The Eco River' Board
  • Adjustable Paddle
  • Flexi Fin
  • Two-way Air Pump
  • Tuff Travel Roller Bag Back Pack
  • Repair Kit

This design was tested in one of my favourite paddle zones…the Royal National Park Sydney. If you like taking in nature while gliding through the upper reaches of hidden rivers and eco systems, you will love this board. The Air Board Co design is slightly thinner and taller than your traditional SUPs with a diamond shaped tip. This design allows you to travel faster with less resistance in a head wind. This great board holds up to 100kg, designed for river systems, ocean and bay conditions. Explore national parks, eco-systems or paddle with the dolphins behind the breakers in pristine coastal water. Yes, you can catch the odd small wave too, a great all round board to take away in the caravan, on the plane or in the back of the camper van! Good therapy for enthusiast and experienced paddlers. Weighs about 12kg.

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